Does it Matter how Baby Formula is Stored?

Parents often ask us how our baby formulas are transported and stored. This is because the quality of powder formula can be affected if the product is not handled properly. 

Does heated powder formula go bad?

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health in 2015 tested the effect of temperature on powder milk formula, by storing formula samples at four different temperatures and monitoring them over the course of a year. Here is our summary of their findings:

Fats and oils, which are added to the best formulas so that they more closely resemble breast milk, are particularly susceptible to autoxidation (spontaneous oxidation). This means that when exposed to certain climates, fats & oils can quickly begin to break down and release potentially harmful secondary products (yikes).

Though that may seem concerning, the study finds that powdered baby formula only truly begins to break down in two scenarios, either: (1) if the formula is stored at very high temperatures (55°C or 131°F, for example), or; (2) if the formula is stored for too long of a time (this is why we have expiration dates).

The study finds further that formula stored for three months at 40°C (or 104°F) exhibits “good stability of the analyzed products.” That being said, the product stability does begin to degrade after opening the package, so it is advised that you use your formula as soon as possible after opening.

In short, unless you live in Phoenix, Arizona without air-conditioning, your (unopened) powdered formula is probably fine.

How do you store powdered baby formula?

The above being said, our team at Huggable always strives to go above and beyond to provide the absolute highest quality product to parents buying our formula. Here are just a few ways we’ve ensured that the best formula gets to our parents and their babies:

  • All of Huggable’s products are supplied from Northern Europe, where temperatures are relatively cool all year round.

  • Our products are shipped to us via air freight, which has shorter transport times and better temperature control than sea freight.

  • Our U.S. warehouse is regulated so that the temperature stays well below thresholds for safe formula storage, ensuring that our products remain in excellent condition.

  • We guarantee that our expiration dates, when you receive our product, will be at least six months away. We want you to have the freshest formula, which can be safely consumed even several months down the road.

Our team takes formula quality and control very seriously, end-to-end throughout our supply chain. As always, if you have questions about our products or company, please reach out.

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