About Us

As parents, our mission is to maximize our children's health.

The Huggable Mission

Getting your baby off to a healthy start is hard—but it shouldn't be. We have more than enough to worry about when your little ones are born! Unfortunately, when it comes to baby formula, many new parents discover that the baby formula options at their local grocery store are loaded with sugar-filled syrups, GMOs, allergens, and harsh chemicals. They aren't organic, and they’re missing essential nutrients.

We're trying to change that.

The Huggable mission is to maximize your child’s health by making high-quality formula easily accessible, from the moment you’re ready to transition from or supplement breastfeeding. It shouldn’t be so challenging to get the best for your child! With Huggable, it isn’t. We've researched every infant formula available in the world, spoken to nutrition experts, taste-tested, and more, so that you don't have to.

We're building a world of happy babies, happy parents, and Huggable Families.

Your partners in parenthood.

We're working to enable all families to have access to the best.