Huggable FAQ

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Why does Huggable focus on infant formula?

With so much for new moms and dads to figure out, something as important as baby formula shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Our mission to make your baby’s health easy, and the quality of baby formula readily available in your local grocery store or on Amazon is not even close to what you—and your baby—deserve. We make high quality baby formula easily accessible, and we will continue to add new products that make it that much easier for parents to raise healthy, happy babies.

What does it mean for infant formula to be organic?

If you read the ingredients in baby formulas available at your local grocery store in the US, you’ll probably be in for a big surprise. All kinds of substances make their way into baby formula that really shouldn’t ever be there. If you have any doubt, just try tasting it—you may even smell the metallic tones before you ever taste them. Even formulas marked as organic have processed refined sugars, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic nutrients, since US organic standards aren’t as stringent as in Europe. That’s why we only carry the best organic infant formula options available in the world. That’s the quality your baby deserves.

Why do you import from Europe?

Top European baby formulas—like the brands HiPP and Holle—are widely known to be the highest-quality baby formulas available in the world. These brands use only organic skimmed milk (cow and goat), lactose, and organic whey for carb sources, not the corn syrup, glucose syrup solids, or sugar that you’ll find in most other brands in the US. They also contain essential prebiotics and probiotics, non-synthetic nutrients, and more.

Can I supplement breast milk with Huggable products?

Yes, it’s very common to supplement breast milk with formula. You can supplement breast milk with all Huggable formula products.

How do I choose which formula is right for my baby?

Finding the right formula can be a little tricky. To help find the perfect formula for you, start with our Baby Formula Comparison Chart. If your baby is experiencing any issues like constipation, gassiness, or spit-up, check out our Tricky Eaters Chart to see which formulas tend to work best for what you’re experiencing.

I notice that toddler formula is suggested for infants on some sites. Should I consider this?

We would suggest being very careful with this. Using toddler formulas for infants is an off-label use of the product. The manufacturing controls and regulations for toddler formula are much lower than for baby formula, so safety of the product is less certain. If you do go this route, make sure you really trust the manufacturer and vendor.

When should I be switching to formula?

There’s no right answer here, and only you know what’s best for you and your baby. Switch to formula whenever you feel ready, keeping in mind that you can transition slowly and use formula as a supplement to breastmilk for as long as you’d like.

How does the Baby Satisfaction Guarantee work?

The first formula you order from us may not be the perfect solution for your little one. We know that. If you’re having issues with the first baby formula you try, we’ll send you a box of a different type of formula, totally free. Just let us know at and you’ll have a new option in no time.

Will I get charged for shipping?

Huggable shipping is completely free for orders over $50.

Do you ship internationally?

Right now we just ship within the US.

Do I have to worry about shipping damages?

No! We care a lot about packaging and, in fact, we include a lot of care and attention to detail in the way Huggable comes out of the box. We think you’ll love it. If you ever do happen to receive a shipment that is damaged in any way, just let us know at and we’ll overnight a replacement.

How do you store your baby formula?

We always strive to go above and beyond to provide the absolute highest quality product to parents buying our formula. Here are just a few ways we’ve ensured that the best formula gets to our you and your babies:

    • 1. All of Huggable’s products are supplied from Northern Europe, where temperatures are relatively cool all year round.

    • 2. Our products are shipped to us via air freight, which has shorter transport times and better temperature control than sea freight.

    • 3. Our U.S. warehouse is regulated so that the temperature stays well below thresholds for safe formula storage, ensuring that our products remain in excellent condition.

    • 4. We guarantee that our expiration dates, when you receive our product, will be at least six months away. We want you to have the freshest formula, which can be safely consumed even several months down the road.

Do you consider stocking formulas other than the ones you currently stock?

We do! We're committed to making it easy for you to get the best formula for your little one, and we're always on the lookout for new formulas to consider. We evaluate formulas thoroughly (for example, see our review of Loulouka formula), and only stock ones that we are confident Huggable parents and babies will love. If you have any request for formulas that you'd like to see us carry, let us know at!